Retail Sales Assistant/Representative

Retail Sales Manager 


We have a large portfolio of business clients that are continuously looking to employ staff for a number of work positions.

job description
  • Keeps records of monies and valuables collected and disbursed by window cashiers such as cash and receipts control books and ledgers, records of refunds, collection accounts, personal property, valuables, etc.
  • Lists, totals, and balances daily collections, segregating and endorsing cheques and warrants.
  • Prepares, issues, and checks receipts, transmittal and withdrawal format deposit slips, ledger sheets, journal vouchers, etc.
  • Prepares monies for bank deposit.
  • Receives payments and fees or valuables at a cashier’s window or by mail, verifying amounts, checking for counterfeit money and unacceptable cheques, giving change, and issuing receipts.
  • Disburses a petty cash fund.
  • Apportions money collected among creditors and similar accounts.
  • Answers routine inquiries concerning charges and collections by letters, telephone, and in person.
  • Operates office machines and equipment, and types and prepares forms as necessary.
  • Opens and sorts mail, verifies amounts of remittances enclosed and transmits them to the relevant department.

  • Should speak English. 
  • Have previous experience.
  • Have a clean conduct.